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MOVE, (Missionary Outreach Volunteer Evangelism) is a volunteer-staffed, faith-based missionary training school located near Orange Walk, Belize. MOVE exists to inspire, equip and mobilize missionaries to serve in difficult places around the world.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer “Break” Mentorship Projects

Lyli and I will still be on the move during the two-month hiatus between class sessions. We have been assigned to work on a curriculum for the Bolivia Industrial School. Also, we were recruited to help two of our classmates, Keren Ketz and Josue Lima with their summer project, which is to organize and execute a two-week miniMOVE missionary training event in Bolivia. A number of young people there have expressed interest in studying at MOVE, but it is difficult for Bolivians to obtain Belizean visas, so we are taking MOVE to them. Classes will be held on the Bolivia Industrial School campus from June 25 through July 7. I will be co-teaching the evangelism class as well as trying to teach the mechanics elective and giving a week-long seminar on music in the evenings.
The Lord provided exactly what we needed for travel expenses at exactly the right time, and we leave for Bolivia on the 19th from Mexico City. This weekend and next we are doing missions awareness meetings in Merida on the Yucatan peninsula and in Puebla. The latter has been planned since several weeks past, but the former was sprung on us this morning after we arrived here in Merida for other reasons.  I think it was in answer to my prayer that God would use us for something useful during our stay here. So tomorrow we have the afternoon program for a multiple-church laymen’s evangelism Sabbath.
The week before last I had the opportunity to work on a construction project with Jeff and my classmates from mechanics class and we all got some more practice cutting and welding steel to fabricate framing beams for a second-story house. We took the base plates to get punched at a Mennonite machine shop in Shipyard, while Jeff had some other pieces bent with another Mennonite and then we took everything to a third Mennonite who does sandblasting. I discovered that Shipyard is one of two very sizable Mennonite communities within an hour’s drive of MOVE. I hope to learn more about the Mennonites over the next few months and find some ways to connect.

Putting the pieces together. Our second-story construction project, Sarteneja

Uber, Leo and Josue. Uber points toward Chetumal across the bay

Leveling up the support beams

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